Mental health

Life is full of challenges and occasionally we need extra support. We can help with a wide variety of services for mental wellness, including general practice support and referrals for counselling.

Know your options

Your mental health can be impacted by a variety of behavioural, physical, or social factors. We can provide several different resources to support you in your mental health journey including a health intervention practitioner and a nurse practitioner who specialises in mental health.

If you would like to know more about these services, or feel like you might need some help, come and see our friendly team. 
Brief intervention talking therapy
BITT, which stands for Brief Intervention Talking Therapy, is a service available to anyone over 16 who needs non-urgent short-term support for their mental wellbeing.

 It's a private and confidential service where you can talk to an experienced mental health professional. They'll work with you to find ways to cope with your challenges in ways that are helpful and long-lasting. For many people, the best part of BITT is having someone to talk to who you can trust and come up with a plan together.

We can assist and refer you to services that provide BITT. 
Crisis respite referals
Planned Respite (Wellness Retreat)
Waipuna Youth Counselling
Referral to Specialist Mental Health and Addiction Services
Crisis lines

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