Immunisation protects you from serious diseases such as whooping cough, tetanus, hepatitis B and measles. Immunisations are a safe and effective way to keep your whānau well.

Know your options

Te Aranga Health offers the full National Immunisation schedule for all eligible patients. We can also work with you to provide immunisations outside of the immunisation schedule (such as travel vaccinations). Please call to confirm costs prior to being vaccinated.

Scheduled immunisations

The New Zealand National Immunisation Schedule is a series of immunisations (including boosters) given at specific times between the ages of six weeks and 65 years. To get the best possible protection, have the immunisations on time, every time. 

All scheduled immunisations are FREE. If you have not had your childhood immunisations, there is a free catchup schedule. Click here to find out when it's best to immunise your child or call us to book an immunisation today.

For more information about the influenza vaccine visit the Ministry of Health Website
Whooping cough
The Boostrix Immunisation boosts immunity against whooping cough, tetanus, and diphtheria. It is scheduled for ages 45 & 65.

Whooping cough vaccinations are also funded for pregnant women from 13 weeks and recommended for close family members* (e.g. partner, grandparents and close family members).

*Whooping cough vaccinations are not funded for family members outside the schedule. 
Shingles vaccine

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